Reboot and Reformat

First of all, the yapping shall reconvene.  Secondly, due to the ridiculous events that have transpired over the past 6 months there’s going to be a bit of a change in tone.  This will now be more of a #resistance themed podcast.  Yes still me screaming into the void but road rants and ancillary commentary/storytelling will take more of a back seat.  Should funding arrive and requests for that sort of thing come in I’ll bring them back.  But priorities, people!

So new episode forthcoming plus regular episodes with my troll-bashing friend AJ who has been spending his time in the comments sections of WaPo, NYT, and facebook verbally jousting with the sycophants.

Also, I need to remember how to tag everything for the rss feed.

Stay tuned,



E03 My Dumb Crusade: Against Migraines and Turn Signal Neglect

Episode 3: Ever hear someone casually throw out that they have a Migraine and then go about their business? They’re either on opiates or a liar and an asshole. I’ll tell you why.

Trivial Tidbits, This Week in Silly Holidays

Road rant on neglect of Turn signals.

Cover of the week: Walk Off The Earth: Payphone


E02 My Dumb Crusade: Against Back-Door Book Banning (pun intended), Bad NFL and For Headlights

Episode 2: The dumb crusade against VA’s legislature passing a law regarding “sexually explicit” books being taught in schools, the shitty NFL product, and neglectful drivers.  Also, awkward youth, hot pretzels, and the cover of the week.

Norwegian Wood cover by


Links related to the explicit book law:



The hell is with this place?!

Rants, observations and stream of consciousness ramblings of a not-quite-broken but definitely dented battered and bruised individual.  Possibly seeking catharsis.  Maybe hoping that asshole in the blue Audi sees that I wish for his lack of existence immediately and similar pipe dreams.  Very likely a narcissistic indulgence under the delusion that a billion people will read this drivel.

Regardless, Fuck off!